About CMS

Contractor Management Services (“CMS”) is the leading provider of services and technology that eliminate the burdens of payment processing, back-office administration and managing compliance workflows while incorporating industry best practices for companies using independent contractors.





We automate enrollment online and verify in real time to ensure contractual information has been captured, and we verify TIN and VIN checks.


Document Management & Secure Storage

We load, digitally capture, and securely store documents, using a 25-digit unique character code that is associated with each IC. Documents are distributed to ICs based on client-specific business rules.


Electronic Signature

As a paperless solution, we enable ICs to complete all documents online, and we capture a unique electronic signature where necessary.


Document Push

We streamline updates to the contracting process by sending on-demand documents, alerts and requests for e-signatures to ICs, which are tracked for execution and compliance.


IC Direct

We integrate our enrollment workflow engine with a variety of service providers for background screening so contracting companies can verify that ICs meet business rules and contracting requirements.



Interactive Negotiation

Our online service captures and documents the process and agreement on IC fees for service, including e-signature upon acceptance.


Tracking & Alerts

Our solution allows clients to track date-sensitive contractual or compliance requirements with each IC, and provides expiration alerts.


IC Web

We provide a self-service portal for ICs to manage and improve their businesses, including access to benefits and discounted programs.


Audit Trail

ICM Power® tracks the IC contracting process (such as opening and uploading documents, navigating pages, e-signatures) to create a comprehensive audit trail of the IC’s use of the system and execution of agreements.


Legal Support

We partner with some of the country’s leading law firms to help our clients stay abreast of applicable laws for working with ICs.



Contractor Invoicing

We allow ICs to view compiled dispatch activity, provide comment, and submit invoices for electronic approval and payment. Approved invoices are integrated into the CMS settlement system, expediting the settlement process.


Fees for Service & 1099s

CMS alleviates the burden of administrative duties by processing new hire reporting as required by state and federal agencies, IC fee for services statements, issuance of 1099s and garnishments for tax liens and child support.



We deliver electronic payment to ICs via direct deposit or re-loadable debit cards at no additional cost (printed checks available on a limited basis and for an additional fee).



Through partnership with a highly rated insurance carrier, we provide qualifying ICs with access to occupational accident insurance, and qualifying contracting companies with access to non-auditable workers’ compensation and contingent liability insurance.


Authorized Business Expense

Our authorized business expense (“ABE”) module allows ICs to process payments directly from their fees to third parties (including payments back to the contracting company, which eliminates the process of deducting on the front end).


Independent contractors offer businesses a way to meet growing customer demand for cost effective, on-time services delivery. However, responsibly working with independent contractors is a major headache for most organizations. Complying with state and federal laws, minimizing back-office error and expense, tracking and managing contracts and adherence to terms, and managing the needs of independent contractors themselves cost companies millions annually. By leveraging best practices in technology development and decades of experience in service delivery, CMS provides the resources and expertise for companies and independent contractors to contract and execute effectively. As a result, customers across many industries rely on CMS for independent contracting the right way.

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