Contractor Management Services (CMS) is the leading provider of services and technology that eliminate the burdens of payment processing, back-office administration and managing compliance workflows for companies utilizing independent contractors.


We’re able to see and recognize gaps in the market that others may not

Nearly 17 years ago, the motivation to establish CMS resulted directly from the experience of our founding team operating a contracting company that utilized independent contractors. Frustrated by the administrative costs, human error and expanding legal constraints associated with using independent contractors, the team set out to build a solution that would help companies do it right.

Since our founding, CMS has streamlined onboarding workflows, established documentation practices to demonstrate compliance, and processed billions in payments for tens of thousands of independent contractors. As a leading, pure-play provider of services and technology for independent contractors, CMS is uniquely positioned to help companies with the adoption and management of independent contractors to maximize flexibility, reduce costs and mitigate risk.


Companies across highly regulated industries rely on CMS

Our experts in professional services, development, sales and support help ensure your independent contractors are ready for deployment, paid for completed work, have the necessary credentials to be considered qualified—and are ultimately better engaged to stay contracted.


Our talented team is at the center of everything we do

Whether it’s sales, customer support, software development or corporate leadership, our history of innovation makes CMS a great place to build a career. Our philosophy is collaboration- and customer-focused to solve the unique and complex technical challenges around independent contracting.

At CMS, we care deeply about fostering the growth of all of our employees to make sure they feel professionally fulfilled. If you are a proven performer, thrive in a hard-working environment and excited about developing yourself to your fullest potential—we want to talk to you!

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