Our experts in professional services, development, sales and support help ensure your independent contractors are ready for deployment, paid for completed work, have the necessary credentials to be considered qualified for work—and are ultimately better engaged to stay contracted.


Profitability in the courier industry is all about winning the war for new customers while cutting costs and reducing risk.

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The trucking industry is one of the largest and most well-established marketplaces for contract carriers.

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Driven by the need to match service capacity with patient needs, many agencies are expanding their use of independent caregivers for care.

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Field services industries such as oil and gas, retail point-of-sale, cable, satellite and solar installation, increasingly rely on independent contractors.

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Modernizing independent contractor management through superior technology

Automate and accelerate your onboarding and enrollment tasks. Complete, sign and store documentation online with real-time verifications.

Remove the administrative burdens of settlement processing and 1099 filings—and ensure your transaction workflows are compliant.

Whether it’s onboarding, settlements, insurance coverage or legal support, CMS delivers a custom-built solution for your IC needs.

Our integrated approach combines data analysis with data visualization to help CMS clients spot patterns and make sense of their data.

Empowering ICs to manage their own independent business with direct access to a range of tools and discounted services.


At CMS, everything starts and ends with the customer


We understand the unique challenges that companies face when utilizing independent contractors. It’s at the core of our business, and we help solve for it with our industry experts and leading technologies. We’d love to hear from you.