Our expert professional and customer services organization serves as a strategic asset for companies looking to apply leading technologies and controls to help manage their independent contracting needs.

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Our proven methodology helps to identify critical process gaps and areas of risk to deliver an optimal customer experience. Additionally, each area of the process has its own set of distinct sub-processes and activities with well-defined transitions throughout our disciplined, end-to-end approach.

  • dicover
  • configure
  • confirm
  • deploy
  • Identify pain points
  • Map business needs to system functionality
  • Plan for compliance
  • Blueprint acceptance
  • Configuration review
  • Solution build
  • Review and refine configuration
  • User acceptance testing
  • Gain solution acceptance
  • Equip client users
  • IC presentations and enrollment
  • Contract ICs
  • Seamless transition to account manager
  • Complete initial settlement

We’re ready to help transform your operations from costly manual processes to emerging automated solutions—giving you an edge to manage the future of independent work—and realize new possibilities for your company.


Simple, customized online tools and resources with superior support


The independent contractor model has never been under more scrutiny by government auditors, agencies, investigators and plaintiffs’ counsel, who challenge whether the worker is appropriately classified. For companies in need of additional legal support or insurance services, we’re here to help.


While CMS partners with leading industry law firms, we encourage customers to consult with their legal counsel to determine whether a proper independent contractor relationship exists under applicable law and the facts of their business.


Through our highly rated insurance partner, qualifying ICs and companies may access occupational accident insurance, non-auditable workers’ compensation and contingent liability insurance.

Without fail, each customer that we onboard confirms that some combination of reducing costs, managing risks and eliminating non-strategic tasks from their workloads are the reasons for partnering with CMS.

– Shirley Duran, VP of Customer & Professional Services
Contractor Management Services